About Us

About Us

Check out one of the films made by our students at Film Camp!


Film Camp USA was established to fulfill the demand for a growing qualified film and motion picture workforce. From Screenwriting to Acting, from Animation to Filming, Students ages 6 to 17, and adults 18 and older, have a unique opportunity to get Hollywood and local film professionals’ insights into the world of filmmaking through the programs at Film Camp USA. Activities are hands-on and culminate in the production of a short film & tv projects directed by and starring FCU Participants. During the Annual FCU, Movie Awards, participants walk the Red Carpet before the Movie Premieres and walk the stage to receive Oscars. The courses are taught by a wide variety of national and international film industry professionals, such as: professional acting coaches, professional script writers, production designers, cinematographers and directors. In addition, special guest visits will be made by casting directors, agents, stunt coordinators and producers. Students will have a once- in-a-lifetime chance to network with these professionals during camp.

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!!! This Summer High School, Middle, and Elementary school Students get to work along side Hollywood Pros at Film Camp. Sign up for camp and join us on set as your learn to operate cameras, sound gear, edit, and even get a taste of what it’s like Acting in front of the Big Screen! At the end of camp you’ll even walk the Red Carpet at the MOVIE THEATRE for the debut of your own Hollywood Film that we will be producing during camp. Hours are 9am-5pm with options for early arrivals. Camp is 4 weeks long and costs $650 before May 15 and $800 after. Register now to receive your copy of this summer’s script! Don’t wait, casting has already begun!

Why is this everyone’s favorite summer camp?

In this class, students learn how to use video and audio to tell a story. Daily students will be importing video and audio material, adding sound effects and music, applying transitions and effects, adding motion graphics, and using the computers to put together their final video pieces.

In this class students will learn how to record an edit both in the studio and in the field. Throughout this course students will be recording vocalists and instruments, creating audio stories with music and sound effects, recording and editing voice overs, scoring films and commercials, creating instrumentation, and producing radio broadcasts.

In this class students will learn different types of camera focal lengths, movements, and lighting setups. Throughout this course students will be storyboarding concepts, filming short stories, and producing music videos.

In this class students will explore different techniques in acting for film and television. Throughout this course students will be preparing monologues and duologues for their acting reels, preparing for casting calls, rehearsing and over viewing characters from the camp film and shorts, learning memorization techniques, and blocking out scenes from their scripts.

In this class students will learn how to create characters, storylines, and to breakdown scripts for filming. Throughout this course students will be creating stories, casting, and scheduling production of their shorts to be filmed in the camera class.

In this class students will learn their role on a production set. Throughout this course students will be prepping wardrobe, special effects, makeup, set decorations, and casting for the camp feature film.

In this class, students will learn how to interview, speak on camera, and build news story segments. Throughout this course students will be gathering footage, conducting interviews, taping on-camera stand-ups, recording voice overs, and producing an entertainment news/talk show.